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    Sustain the Movement and Flourish With Us

    Orlando. Istanbul. Bangladesh. Baghdad. Louisiana. Minnesota. Dallas.

    This past month has left us speechless. We felt like we were waking up in a nightmare.  We found ourselves dazed, anxious and restless. Last week left us as worried and troubled and angry as we know each of you are. We tried to put our thoughts together in some meaningful way, tried to muster some powerful statement to inspire, agitate, bring hope. Alas, no words came to our rescue. These feelings overcome language.

    So, last week we did what we have been doing for four years and will continue doing until we never have a week like last one again. We trained our organizing fellows. We rallied and held healing spaces in Miami, Broward, St Petersburg, and Gainesville. We supported similar action across the state. We knocked on doors in Opa Locka, FL and held a strategy session with our Miami leaders.

    In short, we kept on organizing -- for our future, for our people, for our liberation.


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    Who Will Cry Out For Orlando

    My heart sits heavy in my chest and at times it feels hard to breathe. That wouldn’t be anyone’s first guess as I walk through each day since the tragedy the struck so many with a smile on my face and a little bit of light to share with the world. The reality of it all is there are 50 people who are gone, more who are injured, and the attack on them felt like a straight bullet into me. Being a queer, Cuban-Puerto Rican, brown womxn with heavy convictions made the attack in Orlando almost unbearable. As I got off of a plane in New York and walked out of La Guardia, I was bombarded by missed calls and text messages saying “WTF is happening in Orlando right now?” I had no idea. I was thousands of feet in the air with no service or access to any other part of the world but clouds and sky.

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    On July 4, 1898, in the Central Presbyterian Church of Brooklyn, the Reverend J. F. Carson read from the Holy Bible, "And Joshua took the whole land, and the land rested from war." He sermonized that "the high, the supreme business of this Republic is to end the Spanish rule in America, and if to do that it is necessary to plant the stars and stripes on Cuba, Porto Rico, the Philippines or Spain itself, America will do it." That same night, in the Presbyterian Church of Fifth Avenue, the Reverend Robert MacKenzie prophesied, "God is calling a new power to the front. The race of which this nation is the crown . . . is now divinely thrust out to take its place as a world power." Senator Albert J. Beveridge also saw a divine plan. "God has not been preparing the English-speaking and Teutonic peoples for a thousand years for nothing" he declared. "He has made us adept in government so that we may administer government amongst savages and senile peoples."

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