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    Debunk the zika virus and read 'Strange Seeds'

    Strange Seeds

    There is a strange affiliation between medicinal history and Black bodies in America.

    That history contains the exploitation, abuse, and contributions of black bodies and black lives to “advances” in the creation and development of various treatments (e.g.,Henrietta Lacks, theTuskegee experiments, etc.) without any recognition. With recent reports of the Zika virus, that long felt fear and skepticism with regard to medicine and treatments resurfaces.

    On February 3, 2016 Governor Rick Scott declared a public health emergency in four Florida counties. The initial report cited cases from Miami-Dade, Hillsborough, Lee, and Santa Rosa counties. The state of emergency was due to nine confirmed travel-related cases of the Zika virus. The Zika virus is a non-fatal, mosquito-borne disease that seemingly places the gravest of dangers to pregnant women of color and their offspring. There are other mosquito-borne illnesses that are debilitating and fatal--such as your dengue and malaria varieties. The Florida Department of Health’s approved responses for the reason behind the public health emergency point to being precautionary, getting out ahead of it, and containing any possible spread. The state of emergency is largely because of the link to poor pregnancy performance.

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    May is Mental Health Awareness Month

    The time for honest conversation about the innermost parts of ourselves has long since passed. May is Mental Health Awareness Month. There are countless think pieces, blog posts, articles and memes framing and reframing what it means and could mean to be Black in America. Innumerable excerpts are snatched from essays. Book chapters and research study conclusions are fragmented and cited to substantiate the creator’s theories and opinions.


    To be Black in America is all too often to be silent about the things we should be loud about – even as we use our voices to selectively express dissatisfaction. The discomfort that is a derivative of our material conditions deserves a place at the table. Disturbances that often plague folks and don’t easily dissipate shouldn’t be kept from the light of processing and possible solution.


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    We must be working on getting our people what we need all the while envisioning and enacting the future that we want.

    The Abolinitionist Framework

    I had heard about the Highlander Center, but I never knew just how integral it has been to the liberation movement. It is a place that energetically grounds itself in personal transformation as well as the transformation of our society as a whole. Leaning on history we see the sister I’d call the Mother of the Civil Rights Movement, Septima Clarke, and how she used the highlander space to teach former slaves how to pass literacy test so that they could vote under Jim Crow.  Organizing Black folks who could pass the literacy test had transformational effects on our society including  the creation of the CIO, the first inclusive union, which  was facilitated at the Highlander Center. The highlander is where people who are concerned with our condition in this country go to transform their lives, their values, their circumstances, their communities; it’s a place that transforms  the overall human experience in Amerikkka. Since its creation people have gone there to plot the revolution and dismantle the dominant white narrative.


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