My Journey to Freedom, from Dear Black Twitter

Somewhere between war paint and minstrel face is me putting on my makeup I wake up after shutting down I-95 to go to my 9 to 5 living somewhere in between two lives I found myself knocking on a door of opportunity to a house I wanted to burn celebrating holidays to a history I wanted to unlearn pushing the wheel of a system that I wanted to turn I ask myself I challenge us all will we stop financing what we fight against watch an empire build as we just pay rent watch businesses grow and we just clock in face capitalism and we just spend and then we stand to protest or post on Instagram against a system we participate in somewhere between being in a die-in and dying in line for shoes we have to choose which side will lose Maybe we’re so focused on what we don’t want we don’t know what we do chastising so many choices that we don’t know which one to choose maybe all we need to be is the light in a dark room finance our own future work for our own welfare maybe we don’t need to burn down a house if we build our own maybe we don’t need to shuck and jive to make a living if we create our own maybe we don’t need to focus on others if we love our own Somewhere between the two is me waking up to a system that I don’t have to fight against nor be an active participant unguarded and ungoverned somewhere soon I see us building, creating, and loving our own somewhere between putting on war paint and minstrel face I find myself and we find our place