In February and March, Dream Defenders engaged our base through a cultural art education project that focused on revolutionary organizations from around the world and highlighted their elements of REBELLION. It’s been an enlightening process for the organization and for the squaDDs to uncover how each of these revolutionary organizations have garnered power in the past to create transformational change.  It wasn't enough for us to create the artwork, we want to share this knowledge far and wide.  

We had a team of traditional and radical educators in Dream Defenders membership come together to create a curriculum toolkit with multiple lesson plans that can be used for grades 6-11.  To ensure that these lessons could make it into the classroom, we also made sure that the lessons are common core compatible.

We now have a curriculum to distribute to teachers and students to give them the opportunity to learn about these rebellions and have the political analysis necessary to take on structural issues impacting their communities.


download the curriculum toolkit here

The curriculum was a labor of love crafted by: Sherika Shaw, Kiesha Moodie, Athena Guice, Shoshanna Bordes, Isaiah Thomas, Jonel Edwards, Chauntey Robinson, Steve Gilliam and Elizabeth Taveras.

We also want to give a huge shoutout to our squaDD members who took the time to show their labor of love by compiling the research that made this project possible:

  • Orlando SquaDD - Left Roots
  • GoDDsville SquaDD - FRELIMO
  • BaDD SquaDD - Brown Berets
  • FIU SquaDD - Sandinistas,
  • Broward SquaDD - Young Lords
  • Miami SquaDD - Zapatistas
  • Trill SquaDD - South African Student Movement
  • South West FL SquADD - Popular Front of the Liberation of Palestine
  • DD staff - Black Panther Party.

Please share this curriculum toolkit with the educators you know that will share this with the youth!

you can also view the PDF online here