Time to head to Tallahassee

Ron DeSantis has been on a rampage. He’s banning books and flags in classrooms everywhere. He’s making sure our history isn’t getting taught. He’s getting rid of teachers, professors and faculty that look like us and support us. He and his people want public schools to be defunded and are making our children less safe every day. He’s made it harder to protest and harder to vote. All while teachers, parents and students are struggling to make ends meet, with no help from the person running the state.

That's why on February 23rd, we organized with students across the state of Florida to walk-out and teach-in.

Now, we're headed to Tallahassee on March 7th, the first day of Florida's legislative session, with youth organizations from around the state. Come with us!

#CANTBANUS Day of Action Toolkit

If you're interested in organizing a walk-out or a teach-in for Black History, see our Day of Action Toolkit below!