We've been going through a year-long process crafting an organizational DNA that is inspired and guided by the experiences of our organization thus far in order to prepare us to further cement the organization and develop true leadership in preparation for the struggles ahead.

We know what we don’t want and we’ve spent the past four years resisting. Throughout this time, there are things we’ve gotten right and lots of places for growth. We’ve taken the past year to step back, reflect and build a strategy for shaping Dream Defenders role in building the world we do envision. When we are doing work that has never been done before, fighting against a system that continues to strengthen its grasp on our lives, it’s not easy: it’s trial by fire. None of us have all the answers, but together, through loving debate and disagreement, we can create a roadmap. Our DNA process has allowed us to do just this.

 We will launch our organizational DNA this Fall and look forward to re-emerging with a strategic plan and clear focus for how we will fight the challenges our communities are up against and build a society based on our vision.


Our Process: Who and What Has Shaped the DNA?

Our DNA process has been led by a core team of leaders comrpised of  staff and members and facilitated by Yotam Maron of the Wildfire Project.

We began with a series of membership meetings, one-to-one conversations, a statewide survey of our membership and meetings with leaders throughout various social justice movements to shape our process.

B28A0219.JPGThrough these mechanisms, we got various perspectives on our strengths and growth areas as an organization and a deep analysis of the state of the movement.

We then launched, a statewide community listening project, The FREE Campaign, in 8 targeted communities throughout Florida to better understand the conditions and perspectives of our people.

In addition, we established the Womyn’s Faction, and set-up several mechanisms to continue to gain membership feedback in order to elevate the vision our membership has for the future of DD.

We look forward to sharing our DNA with you this Fall!



Check out this video of Umi Selah, our Mission Director explaining of our DNA Process in the context of Dream Defender's history.