The FREE Campaign is a community listening project in key neighborhoods throughout Florida designed to check the pulse of our communities.

In our three years of existence, we have consistently fought the violence perpetrated against our communities by capitalism, patriarchy, white supremacy, and militarization, and the ways in which these systems isolate and alienate us from one another.

Through radical direct action and the courage to say no more in the face of injustice, the culture of Dream Defenders has brought people together in love with the recognition that our power will only be built through the connections we have with one another.

While we have reacted to the many struggles coming at us, we recognize that in order to take our work to the next level, we cannot just tear down what we don’t want, but must organize towards and collectively build a vision for society in which our people will flourish.

We must free ourselves and unlock the potential of radical imagination - the ability to envision oneself and one’s community beyond the confines of oppression. The FREE Campaign is designed to do just this.

We're asking our communities what it would be like if our communities were free in order to build a vision of the direction we want to go together.

Check out our Squadd page to see what's happening in your community.