a free flourishing democracy

No one likes a cheater.  “Play fair” isn’t just a sports motto, it’s also the foundation for a government that protects each of us as well as our land, water, and resources.  In a true democracy – one where our trust and respect is earned – our vote represents a powerful champion for better lives for all of us.  

Big businessmen don’t want to play fair.  They want it all, and don’t want any competition from us and our votes.  They pay for laws that strip of us our right to challenge them with our vote.  If a rule doesn’t suit them, they change it. If a district isn’t friendly, they redraw it.  If a politician isn’t moving their way, they buy them out.  

The elections that decide our lives, homes, health, and families are merely monopoly games to them and they have bought their way into our ballot boxes, homes, our neighborhoods, our water and our lives.    

A true democracy is not only a right, but a necessity. The future of our state and country depends on the citizen’s right to decide their future, not the corporations that have owned it since it began.  A free, flourishing democracy requires the right to organize political parties, an open government, public financing of candidates, as well as freedom of speech and media.

By virtue of being born, each of us has the absolute right to vote in open elections, voting locations that are easily accessible, and voting days that are recognized holidays.


the freedom papers

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