freedom from poverty

It’s a crime for so many of us to be living without food, water, shelter, clothing and adequate healthcare.  In our capitalist economy there can’t be a few very rich without millions of us desperately poor. All the while, the people who have everything have told us for generations that it’s our fault we don’t have what we need.

They say you should be ashamed if you’re poor.  They’ve made it expensive to be poor. Shit, they’ve made it a crime to be poor.  51 billionaires use Florida as a playground because 20 million of us live on little to nothing.  We deserve better.

A proper home, clothes, food, healthcare and work are rights, not luxuries.  

By virtue of being born, each of us has the absolute right to adequate food, shelter, clothing, water, health care, effective public transportation, dignified work, living wages, and the right to form unions to protect ourselves in the workplace.


the freedom papers

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