Freedom is to be really free

Be For all intents and purposes, FREEDOM…

By Loba Rodriguez Calderon (a.k.a. Arely Lozano-Baugh)

Freedom maintains that being, living, and choice must be

Revered above all else. And also, protected. That

Everyone and

Every group should be cherished for our inherent

Divinity. For we are all the

Origin of our existence and of our future. We are one in nature and spirit. Connected. Freedom is to

Move: back, forward, and beyond. Moving we have gotten here, and thus we continue. Building our

Independence. Yesterday, today and tomorrow. Individuals and groups in a quest for

Sovereignty, self-determination, and community. A generation like others before. Fighting

Together. And through time, maintaining our purpose… To

Overthrow the limits and regulations that

Belittle our existence, opportunities, capacities, possibilities and visions… We are

Every being. The Earth. Evolving. Learning from memories and histories…

Remembering that we are always becoming. Free to feel.

Elated in the rapture of our existence. Present. In

All our being. Thinking. Breathing… Questioning the parameters, meanings, and purposes of every dogma. Always

Learning, lamenting, laughing, longing, lusting, losing and listening. But above all,

Living and loving.

Yelling, at the top of our lungs, “We are Free! This is Our Freedom!”

Forever one in the unity of the Universe.

Radicals because we refuse to stop and cave in. Because we choose to

Elevate one another. To raise as one, lifting each other... Towards our Freedom--Of mind, believing and being.

Empowering all to be Free. Free from chains. Free from hate. Free from constraints.

… For all intents and purposes, Free to Love, Free to Live, Free to Be, Free to Dream.