Freedom Fellows


Today we stand with thousands of Floridians in a collective outpouring of anger and sadness over the Marjory Stoneman Douglas school shooting and the consequent dog and pony show of our elected officials.

This moment has given the world another example of the mess Florida puts its people through. From the NRA being more persuasive to our elected officials than mourning teenagers, a sugar lobby that’s destroying the land, gentrification on every block and a prison company in the pockets of our politicians, it’s plain to see that in this state, it’s money over everything.

We know the solution is not to beg our politicians to listen and care about us. They have proven time and again that they care more about money than they do constituents. As history has proven, the only way to protect our communities is through organized people power.

In this crucial moment, we are dedicating ourselves to bring young people across the state of Florida together to bring swift, forceful change to this state that will benefit us all. Now more than ever, we need a strong movement of politically engaged, educated youth, community members, and students across class, gender, race, and sexuality to fight and unseat our current do-nothing politicians and create a new day in Florida.

We have partnered with the Florida Student Power Network, and Florida Immigrant Coalition to launch our Freedom Fellow Program. We are looking to bring on 26 fellows, across the state of Florida, committed to community organizing and empowering the people of Florida, neighborhood by neighborhood, county by county.

We are looking for leaders who are not content just talking about problems but confronting them head on. We are looking for leaders who want to build real POWER in their communities, are not afraid of conflict, and are willing to challenge themselves.

Fellows must be willing to dedicate 20 hours a week to community organizing, follow up, and team building.
- Community Organizers create space for our community to join our efforts to change the world. Organizing—at its core—is the process of bringing people together to take collective action.

Each Fellow is tasked with:
- Conducting one to ones - building relationships with people and engaging them in the program.
- Hosting Community Town Halls - Opportunities to bring community together to build relationships and discuss important issues facing us all, and in turn what we can do about it.
- Collecting Voter Registrations – Fellows will actively register voters.
- Collecting Pledges – Pledges are issue-based pledges in which voters pledge to make their voice heard on Election Day.
- GOTV Mobilization – Fellows will work with strategic partners to push the youth vote in the Midterm elections.

- Attend April 13th - April 15th Program Orientation
- Participate in Monthly In- Person trainings or virtual Webinars
- Have two weekly check ins with Program Coordinator
- Host meetings/town halls focused on highlighting local criminalization issues/bad actors
- Support statewide creative direction actions targeting candidates, wealthy individuals and corporate institutions that are benefitting from mass incarceration with frame around the election.
- Collect Freedom Pledges
- Community Canvasing
- Recruit new members
- There will be two fellows solely responsible for Data

Target Locations - Please notes: Fellows may apply anywhere in Florida even if you are outside one of the following locations:
Miami Dade County (1 fellow)
Broward County (1 fellow)
Pinellas County (1 fellow)
Alachua County (3 fellows)
Leon County (3 fellows)
Volusia County (3 fellows)
Palm Beach County (3 fellows)
Hillsborough County (3 fellows)
Orange County (3 fellows)
Duval County (3 fellows)

Eligibility Requirements:
*Must be in Florida
*Must be between the ages of *18-35
*Must be committed to leading social justice campaigns
*Must be accountable for their work
*Must be able to attend the Program Orientation April 13th - April 15th

$1000 Stipends will be provided on a monthly basis
Fellowship Term: April 13th- November 10th
Applications Close: March 15th