Freedom is Free Access to Knowledge

A very unique source of information for current and future revolutionaries has been removed from the immediate internet. The website "," which was originally hosted on tumbler, held a multitude of free, anti-authoritarian, pro-socialist e-books and audiobooks concerning revolutionary tactics and philosophies. These were all held as open-source knowledge bases for the public to consume. Among some of the rare pieces of work were Dr. Huey P. Newton's dissertation "War Against the Panthers: A Study of Repression in America," abolitionism papers by Dr. Angela Davis, and republished works by author Abbie Hoffman. The site nocardneeded was originally a blog hosted on tumblr with backlinks to a host of material readers could peruse from the site had been on the web for several years and underwent many hosting complications due to the content served on the website. Free publications included works of art and writing done by graffiti artists and inmates, writings concerning the state of affairs of political prisoners, and worldwide information from the underground. This was, of course, all freely hosted material, completely uncensored, and ready for public consumption. It serves as no coincidence that both and were removed from their respective hosts in January exactly 2 weeks apart. This represents the state of illusion we currently live under, when millions of voices can be silenced yet no one speaks up in outrage. Freedom of the Press and a free internet is vital for the proper spread of knowledge, and free access to that knowledge is what will drive a nation of people out of the darkness and into the light.