Mapping Out the Movement Strong: Intro to the DD Advisory Board

Last week, Dream Defenders announced our Social Media Blackout, a “sabbatical” of sorts; to re-center, re-connect and build out a solid, yet nimble plan to increase our membership’s strategic advantage in transforming their circumstances locally. Part of what led us to this journey is owning our own truth in building a movement - organizing can be, well, disorganized - beautifully disorganized, righteously flawed - like we as humans can be. We embrace, in fact, love and thrive off this unpredictability, while acknowledging the need for direction to truly meet our collective potential and gain FREEdom.

 As we organize to strengthen our collective power, one may say there’s no GPS that tells us the exact roads to take and all the places we should stop along the way - but this is as it should be. There is no exact route to be taken on this journey - it is, indeed, beautifully, righteously flawed. However, there are fellow travelers - those who have journeyed on these roads before and still, and can tell us of the road ahead; those traveling alongside us, with different vantage points, making us aware of what we cannot see; and those traveling with us who remind us when we move too fast, too slow or lose sight of our shared destination.

With these fellow travelers...our Advisors, as well as the constant guidance of our membership, we plan to map out a path to demand and receive unprecedented power for the people over land, bread, housing, education, justice, peace and technology. We are proud to announce our Dream Defenders Advisory Board… a collective of bad a** freedom fighters that we are humbled and honored to call upon for their fellowship, guidance and strategic leadership.

Below you'll find what some of the phenomenal Advisors had to say about why they are joining us on this journey... Meet the full Dream Defenders Advisory Board here.

 Angela Davis It is important not only to have the awareness and to feel impelled to become involved, it's important that there be a forum out there to which one can relate, an organization- a movement.

Ed Whitfield From my days as a student activist in the late 1960s until now, I have been interested and involved with advancing the black liberation movement.  I see the Dream Defenders as the inheritors of and the continuation of this legacy and work.

Daniela Saczek

Rafael Navar I want to help bring labor closer to the work being done by Dream Defenders.  I believe that a real and meaningful alliance and coordinated work will allow for the success of all of our struggles.  True solidarity will help transform this country so that all can have justice and freedom

Alana Greer This is a critical moment across the globe, but it is especially important that this work is happening in Florida. As the state with more police killings of black people than anywhere else in the US, where private prisons and immigration detention centers profit off the backs of our families and friends, and our schools are little more than pipelines into this system, the work of the Dream Defenders is waking up countless people to these realities and putting forward an alternative vision for the just world that black and brown youth deserve

Elijah Armstrong I am on this Board to help with the development of young Dream Defenders and the create a path for sustainability of the organization

Linda Sarsour There hasn't been an organization that has organically galvanized young people towards change, but not just any change, true radical change. Dream Defenders has brought a level of courage, honesty and had abandoned the respectability politics Black/Brown communities have been taught to play but never really benefited from. They are edgy, bold yet strategic and grounded.

Michael McBride The presence and impact of youth organizing in the historical record of freedom fighting and liberation struggles are incontrovertible.  I believe Dream Defenders is serving as a Vanguard org in this field/space and am excited to see a its impact and capacity scaled up

Keron Blair As I see it, we are headed somewhere. To get there we need we need organizations with strong and dedicated leadership that can withstand the ebb and flow of popular movements and can provide leadership and vision