you must 1st understand what SLAVERY is before you speak of freedom.

Before you speak of freedom consider this: Understanding what being enslaved means. If you can walk out of your home and look at the sun any time you feel like it you are NOT enslaved or a slave. Although at any moment you may become one. No one is safe. Slavery is not a 9 to 5 job leading you like a carrot on a stick to work harder to pay for things you think you can't live without. Slaves don't compete in open markets any more than horses bet on themselves in vegas. Yes the enslaved are under control economically but only because they aren't allowed to own anything. That is part of the rules of slavery. Keep them penniless, in chains, hopeless, helpless and ignorant. For slaves in the 1800's, having a book or a dollar in your hand would have gotten the same reaction. You aren't supposed to have either one. Slavery is waking up knowing someone owns your body and can beat, torture or kill you on a whim. Slavery is not being able to see the light of day even if you wanted to. Slavery has a stock exchange tag like GEO, CEC or CCA. Slavery is when they kidnap you and then sell or lease you to someone else for a profit without your input. Where they work you like a mule for NO PAY and then tell you to be grateful for food, shelter and water. Struggling to buy bread for your starving family isn't slavery. It's poverty. And in our case almost always controlled poverty which creates a criminal and desperate breeding ground for future slaves. Real slavery includes real chains and real shackles. Anything else is a metaphor. Max Parthas - American Slavery Abolitionist New Abolitionists Radio Join the Move To Abolish 21st Century Slavery