Affordable Housing

Can we dream together? Can we imagine a world where everyone could afford a safe home. A place encapsulated in safety and filled with love — where having what you need — when you need it — is a reality. 

It’s a crime for so many of us to be living without food, water, shelter, clothing and adequate healthcare.

We are being priced out of our homes and left with impossible decisions like… 

Groceries or rent? 

Insulin or rent?

My means of transportation or rent?

Daycare or rent?

They tell us that this is just how the world is — they tell us to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and dig our way out. 

We know better. That’s why thousands of us are taking action because we will not continue to be led by people who feed us these lies — that is not leadership.

Together, we can end gun violence and mass incarceration.
CALL 1-866-SAFE MIA for services.


The Healing and Justice Center is a community-based public safety program focused on reducing violence, improving mental health outcomes and diverting people from the criminal legal system. The Healing and Justice Center is a partnership between Dream Defenders, the Circle of Brotherhood, Dade County Street Response and Touching Miami with Love.

We are a coalition of community members, violence survivors, artists, healers, healthcare providers and legal professionals who are working to end gun violence and keep our community safe.

In Miami, 52% of murder victims are Black. In response, our neighborhoods are flooded with police. Meanwhile, we are starved of the resources actually needed to keep people safe - housing, jobs, after school programming, mental health and healthcare. Our communities are caught in a trap - poverty, violence and incarceration. We are working to break this trap.

projects and resources

Freedom House Mobile Crisis Unit

Are you or a loved one experiencing a mental health crisis and don’t want to call the police?
Call us instead - 1-866 SAFEMIA
Currently, we are operating a pilot program 2 days a week for people living within a 5 mile radius of Liberty City. In early 2023, we will expand to 24/7 coverage!

Hours of Operation: Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 12pm-6pm

Free Counseling and Trauma Recovery Center

Trauma Recovery Center - Free In-Person Counseling and Case Management for Survivors of Violence

The Trauma Recovery Center (TRC) is a nationally acclaimed model that is designed to help victims of violence overcome barriers to accessing mental health treatment, health care, and legal resources in the acute aftermath of trauma. The TRC provides free mental health services to survivors, 14 and older, of violence , including survivors of physical assault, sexual assault, gunshot wounds, stabbings, domestic violence, and human trafficking to residents of Miami Dade County.
To refer yourself or someone else to the TRC, fill out this form.

Free Online Counseling
We have free online counseling available through a partnership with Betterhelp for people who do not have access to mental health care. To access, client must:
Be 13 years and older 
Self identify as low-income
Commit to completing a pre, mid and post evaluation on their experience
To sign up for Betterhelp, fill out this form.  

Doctors Within Borders Free Urgent Care Clinic

Hours of Operation: Thursdays and Fridays, 9am-3pm

Stop the Bleed and CPR Training

Ambulance service to our neighborhoods is slow and every minute is life or death. We train community members to respond and treat gun wounds to save lives.

Contact us to bring this training to your school, church or neighborhood.

Conflict Resolution

Need support dealing with a conflict and don't want to involve the police? Want to ease tension with someone in your life and need support? Our trained mediators help people work through conflict together.

Contact us if you need support addressing a conflict.

Youth Programming

Our young people are experiencing a lot of trauma but the system isn't equipped to help them process it. They need safe places to get off the streets and supportive adults to help them plan for their futures. We offer regular after-school youth programming. Contact us to join our program or work with us tobring our programming to your school.

HJC Leadership

Rachel Gilmer

Rachel Gilmer is one of the Co-Directors of Dream Defenders, a membership-based organization of Black and brown youth fighting for a better future across the state of Florida. Rachel has over 10 years experience in grassroots organizing and social change. She has worked in a variety of settings including community organizations, schools, prisons and government.

Vivian Azalia

Vivian Azalia is a visual artist, educator, and organizer based in Miami by way of Peru. Vivian has worked as an educator since 2011 in various spaces from museums to juvenile detention centers and most recently as the Youth Programs Director of the Healing and Justice Center of Dream Defenders. In 2013 she joined Dream Defenders after her best friend Israel “Reefa” Hernandez” was murdered at the hands of police.


Lesley is a Social Worker who coordinates the Mobile Crisis program. Lesley has previously worked providing therapy for individuals and families. She genuinely loves her work in empowering communities and families. When she's not working she enjoys traveling and spending time with her family.

Dr. Armen Henderson

Dr. Armen Henderson is an Assistant Professor of Medicine at University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. He is also the Director of Health Programs for the Healing and Justice Center, where he is the lead medical staff for all of our programs, including the Freedom House Mobile Crisis Unit. Dr. Henderson is also founder of the Dade County Street Response, which focuses on physician-led community wide crisis efforts in partnership with the University of Miami. In this role he integrates medical school and residency training into social service delivery and advocacy on a local level. He is currently a National Medical Association Climate and Health Equity Fellow where his capstone focuses on a resilience blueprint to help public and private medical organizations/professionals decrease morbidity and mortality associated with disaster.

Trina Harris

Brother Al

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Ultrina “Trina” Harris is a wife, mom of two beautiful girls, a businesswoman, and a community advocate. A native of Miami, Florida, Trina was born in the heart of one of Florida’s oldest Black communities, Overtown, and is a life-long resident and homeowner. She is well-known and respected in the community. Trina is committed to strengthening both communities served by TML by developing new economic, employment, leadership, and learning opportunities. She is particularly passionate about entrepreneurial opportunities for young people. Trina’s proven collaboration and innovation track record has educated, empowered, and inspired thousands of individuals.

Brother Lyle Muhammad - Executive Director, Circle of Brotherhood

Brother Lyle has served as an education and human development specialist for more than 20 years, with more than 35 years in youth services. He is the current Executive Director of the Circle of Brotherhood, where he leads the Peace Makers community violence intervention program. He has founded and directed several national initiatives designed to produce transformation in youth and adult populations lacking personal, social, and academic development that have been historically denied an opportunity to develop a mastery of life skills. Brother Lyle has traveled internationally as a teacher, trainer, consultant, and motivational speaker.

Shareefah Robinson- Chief Program Officer, Touching Miami with Love