#SquaDD2016 a satirical presidential campaign aimed at elevating and advancing the visionary politic of young Black and Brown people in the context of the 2016 Presidential Election

Nearly one in three eligible voters on Election Day (31%) will be Hispanic, Black, Asian or another racial or ethnic minority​. According to a February 2016 Pew Research Report, the 2016 electorate will be the most diverse in U.S. history. Our voting power would be even greater were it not for voter disenfranchisement laws aimed at targeting individuals with felonies. In Florida, 1 in 4 black people of voting age cannot vote due to such policies.

As a result of the growing power of the Black and Brown electorate, Democratic Primary Candidates have sought to co-opt rhetoric surrounding issues facing communities of color, while their track records prove questionable at best in regards to eliminating racial inequity.

Using political theater, #SquaDD 2016 seeks to educate Black and Brown young people about the power of our vote through providing political education about where each of the candidates stand on issues facing our communities through their platforms and past actions. The #SquaDD2016 Presidential Cabinet is comprised of Dream Defenders membership throughout the state of Florida and aims to elevate our perspective on a range of issues including education, the economy, trade, foreign policy, immigration, mass incarceration and policing in the wake of the Florida Primary. Through this effort, we hope to shift the electoral discourse towards the left by articulating an alternative political vision in order to empower young people to demand more in return for our vote. The Dream Defenders will not officially endorse a candidate. Rather, we will share educational information and encourage our base to vote responsibly based on where each candidate stands on our issues.

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