Dream Defenders Congress 2014 Was a Movie

At the close of 2014, magic happened in Fruitland, FL.  We hosted our much anticipated 2014 Dream Defenders Congress: Solid as a Rock, which became known by participants as #SquadUp14

We sharpened our minds: #SquadUp14 was DENSE with information and we taught each other about Mass Incarceration, Capitalism, Patriarchy, White Supremacy, Imperialism, Movement Ecology, Cop Watch, Cooperative Economics, Movement Strategy and Campaign Building, Storytelling and all the dope ass unplugged sessions that you all brought to the table were icing on the cake.

This experience showed us that we are strong together. A huge thanks to all of our friends that stood in solidarity with us, added their wisdom and experience to our rooms to help make them full from: Brazil, Congo, Eritrea, Mexico, South Africa, and Palestine.

We owe another huge thanks and big hug to all the organizations that joined us including: Students for Justice in Palestine, Black Alliance for Just Immigration, Florida Immigrant Coalition, United We Dream, Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, #itsbiggerthanyou, Coalition of Immokalee Workers, USSA, Homestead Equal Rights for All, The California Afrikan Black Coalition, Friends of the Congo, Hands Up United, MST, and NUMSA!

Stay tuned for sessions from Congress coming soon!

Video by Roberto Mario, Intro to Greatness, Villmatic