When we are free

When we are nolonger slaves to slavery both past and modern day slavery. When I am nolonger identified by the color or the pigmentation of my skin but instead my intellectual profanity. Praised for being different and not shunned for my curiosity. Given the same opportunity like the next man, not the so called "black man" but the other man. Being lifted instead of torn down by society but built up by my heritage and legacy. Making that "dream" a reality. Free, the same way I breath in air should be the same way I live my life, Free. Free to live outside of the box, the system designed to confine me to poverty. Free from shackles that are cuffed on my eyes, ears, and mouth that hold me captive to the unseen conspiracy. Free to be me, to love me as me not what you want me to be, or think I should be, free to be free. When I'm free you'll value the air you breath the same way you value your own life. When Im free the air you breath won't just be free but will be equal to the value of your life. When I am free, we'll all know it. We will all realize we breath the same air, live on the same earth and die the same death. When I am free it will nolonger be you and I, black and white, young and old. When I am free there will only be one, "we" when we are free.