To be a revolutionary organization we have a political duty to not only combat white supremacy, capitalist hegemony but also hetero-patriarchy.

The Womyn's Faction was born from an organizational need and a void within our DNA process. The faction is made up of womyn and gender nonconforming folks in Dream Defenders from throughout the state. Thus far we've:
  • Conducted a survey of our membership to better understand our members’ perspective on how patriarchy functions in society and within DD

  • Developed an organizational code of conduct

  • Created a patriarchy filter to guide our strategy

  • Developed a leadership development process for membership and trainings to ensure the equitable development of our members across gender

  • Supported the Dream Defenders DNA process by identifying areas for growth and intervention in regards to how patriarchy shows up in the organization.

Through the Womyn’s Faction, we hope to build the capacity of our womyn and LGBTQ members, support a more developed and dynamic body of leaders throughout the organization, improve the external representation of our organization and ensure the work across Dream Defenders is rooted in the fight against patriarchy.